“Atlantean Healer”



Atlantis may be lost to the sea, but there are hints of its existence rising to the earth’s surface. Crystals of Atlantis exist in forms reminiscent of ancient ocean civilizations that transmit important lessons and warnings to help us traverse our world today.
Many people don’t realize that the story of Atlantis first came into the written, human record via the Greek philosopher Plato. Once a civilization rich in land and water, the Atlanteans had uncanny psychic abilities that they honed with the power and aid of crystals.

In his writing, Plato claimed that Egyptian priests had passed along the story, detailed in hieroglyphs found in Egyptian temples and oral traditions.

Historians speculate that Plato’s Atlantis may have been a creative metaphor he imagined to pass along philosophical lessons in morality, mortality, and man’s corrupt machinations.

Many of us Starseeds have past life visions of times during the great wars, electric wars, The fall of Lumeria & Atlantis. My heart yearns for a place long ago where we were so advanced and powerful. Wise beyond measure and extremely gifted. One of my favorite spots to work was at the Rejuvenation temples. I have dreams and visions that link back to these times and so I thought I’d encode this set with the healing from Atlantis. This beautiful set will help you too, to remember your past lives and raise your frequency every time you wear them. There is a deep connection to water and enchantment flowing through these.

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